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If you would like to make a comment, furnish information about any of the groups we cover, or simply express how much these pages have helped you, we will be glad to hear from you. We furnish pseudonyms or initials for any letters, articles, or stories we decide to post unless you request your real name be used.

Disclaimer: Posted material may be edited for clarity, grammar, and content. Not everything is posted and we reserve the right to refuse to post. By the end of the year, letters are cut back to the "Best of the Letters." Research Letters cannot be amended or removed as they are in the public domain.


If you have a question, please check our Q&A first as many topics are covered. Our Contents page gives a quick breakdown of the entire site with links.

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We may use criticism to improve or further strengthen existing articles on our site in order to help others to be discerning. We no longer have time to reply to those who are merely wanting to argue, accuse, or send hateful, demeaning remarks. Speaking out and exposing the workers of iniquity and their evil deeds of deception, abuse and exploitation is what the Word of God would have us do. See: Is it Wrong for Christians to Judge?

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