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Does Gerald Flurry Misquote and Fail to Understand the Scriptures?

Dear Brethren,

Attached is a copy of page 3 of the Pastor General's Report for the Philadelphia Church of God, dated May 6, 2006 authored by and signed by Gerald Flurry.

The Pastor General's Report I refer to (and others) may be read online.

Please note the following that Gerald Flurry has written and please prove it from the attached copy:

"The irony is, Lucifer was the light-bringer, and had the opportunity to bring light to the whole world, and God wanted to give him EVERYTHING."

Where in the BIBLE does GOD have it recorded that GOD wanted to give Lucifer EVERYTHING?

Where in the BIBLE does it say that Lucifer had the opportunity to bring light to the whole world?

What Scripture or Scriptures does Gerald Flurry use to PROVE his statement?

There are no Scriptures given to prove this point because there are NO SUCH SCRIPTURES in the BIBLE.

Gerald Flurry has unwittingly GIVEN CREDIT to so-called Lucifer for something that JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF said was HIS responsibility. Please read this in John 8 v 12, the very words of our SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST:

"Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life."

So who is it that brings LIGHT to the entire world? JESUS CHRIST brings light to the entire world, and not because so-called Lucifer failed, but because it was to be that way from the foundation of the world. Yes, the LAMB who was slain FROM THE FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD and not slain, figuratively, after "Lucifer" and the angels rebelled. JESUS CHRIST was slain BEFORE the angels were "placed" on the earth; HE was slain "from the foundation of the world," as the BIBLE states. (Rev. 13 v 8)

Has Gerald Flurry ever read and UNDERSTOOD Hebrews chapter one?

GOD has placed all things under man's feet (and of course under CHRIST's feet first) and NEVER intended at any time to have any of the angels, who are ministering spirits sent forth to minister to those who will inherit salvation, to sit at GOD's right hand, as JESUS CHRIST is now seated, to rule the universe. GOD only intended JESUS CHRIST to sit there and rule and the elect with him on HIS Throne, as Revelation 3 v 21 says. NEVER were the angels to sit there and rule the creation.

Now please notice another interesting thing that Gerald Flurry writes, also on page 3 of the PGR.

Writing about the "Laodiceans" he says:

"Well---GOD says they are 'rich and increased with goods...'" (Revelation 3 v 17)."

Notice the clever subtlety with which Gerald Flurry tries to deceive you. Surely he should know the Scriptures better than this.

What does Revelation 3 v 17 ACTUALLY say? Please read it in your own BIBLES. Speaking about the Laodiceans, JESUS CHRIST says:

"Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing..."

Do you see what the BIBLE says? It is the Laodiceans--"Because YOU say..." as JESUS CHRIST says. It is NOT GOD who says the Laodiceans are rich and increased with goods. The LAODICEANS THEMSELVES say, "I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing..."

GOD NEVER SAID what Gerald Flurry wrote that HE, GOD, says.

Now compare this to what Gerald Flurry HIMSELF said in a sermon entitled "To Him Who Conquers" given on February 24, 2001:

"We have everything. WE HAVE IT ALL! We have WEALTH that those people didn't even know about in the 1st century. What RICHES the Philadelphia Church of GOD has today, plus Mystery of the Ages, what Mr. Armstrong had and ALL that GOD has given since that time. WHAT RICHES WE HAVE. I'm telling you, WE HAVE IT ALL!"

Here, Gerald Flurry is obviously talking about spiritual things.

Gerald Flurry writes in the PGR quoted above, that the Laodiceans:

"...are into beauty --- physical beauty. They have exalted their own PHYSICAL desires." (Page 3, in the 4th paragraph)

Gerald Flurry not only MISQUOTES the Scripture, but he does not even UNDERSTAND that Revelation 3 v 17 is talking about spiritual things. It is talking about those who say, "I am rich and have need of NOTHING..."

How ironic that the one who claims the Laodiceans have their eyes set on physical desires has HIMSELF said, "WHAT RICHES WE HAVE. I'm telling you, WE HAVE IT ALL."

So, he misquotes the Scripture, he does NOT UNDERSTAND about what the Scripture is referring and he tells his followers that they HAVE IT ALL.

Does someone or some group of people who "HAVE IT ALL" have need of anything? Why, of course not, they HAVE IT ALL. They do not need anything--spiritually speaking. They think they are the only ones to have ALL the spiritual wealth that GOD is giving.

It is just as JESUS CHRIST said in the Scripture:

"Because THOU (the Laodiceans, and NOT GOD) sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked..."

So I ask you brethren, and I ask you Mr. Gerald Flurry, who is it that is wretched, miserable, poor, BLIND and naked? It is you--because it is you, Mr. Gerald Flurry, who in YOUR VERY OWN WORDS, in YOUR VERY OWN SERMON, have declared this. You, Gerald Flurry, have fulfilled this Scripture and do not even realize it because you are just what the Scripture says you are--which is BLIND.

For shame that a so-called man of GOD will make statements that have no basis in fact from the Holy Scriptures and will also MISQUOTE the actual Scriptures and try to deceive the brethren so they will follow you. Then you can continue to take their hard earned money (actually you are stealing it), to deliver your so-called PROPHESY AGAIN warning.

I find it hard to understand how you can PROPHESY AGAIN if it was someone else (HWA) who did the original (and oftentimes WRONG) PROPHESYING in the first place. You can only prophesy and NOT PROPHESY AGAIN because you did not prophesy THE FIRST TIME.

By the way, Gerald Flurry, if you are a true prophet, why were you OFF on the matter about Mr. Tkach, Sr. And why were you off about the matter of the earthquake that never really occurred on January 16th?1 What about the race riots that were going to occur in the United States when O. J. was found guilty of the murders?2

Not to mention the fact that GOD never commemorates anything on the anniversaries of dates on the Roman calendar.

For shame, you so-called (by yourself I might add) prophet of GOD.

You are a false prophet and your lies, deceit, unbiblical statements, twisting of the Scriptures and deceiving of the brethren are being EXPOSED and will continue to be EXPOSED.

Ephesians 5 v 11: Have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of DARKNESS, but rather EXPOSE (reprove) them.

Beloved brethren, take heed that this false prophet does not take your crown and stop allowing him to lead you astray.

May Gerald Flurry stop his works of darkness and repent and be in the kingdom of GOD for we love him as a brother and pray for his well being. But his lies and evil deeds must and will stop.

May all of you brethren have your eyes opened to the truth and may you follow the TRUE LIGHT OF THE ENTIRE WORLD, JESUS CHRIST and NOT some man who calls himself a prophet, whose prophesying has already been proven wrong in more than one situation and who deceives the hearts of the simple.

May we walk in the LIGHT as HE, JESUS CHRIST is in the LIGHT and IS the LIGHT.

In Christian love,

Jim Kazimir

UPDATE 2012: Is the Philadelphia Church of God Now the Laodicean Church?

NOTICE BY ESN: A number of members have been exiting the PCG, labeling it the "Laodicean church." Some reasons for believing this are because Flurry has said PCG has riches, wealth and "has it all" ("To Him Who Conquers," February 24, 2001 sermon), yet is not "rich spiritually." However, PCG cannot be considered a N. T. Christian church, as it has the identifying marks of an exploitive, abusive group. These organizations use "church" as a front to control and exploit others financially. This is where many former members of PCG have become mixed up and sadly deceived. Hence they often exit PCG and go into another offshoot that, while maybe not as controlling, will nevertheless abuse and exploit them and continue to deceive them concerning Herbert Armstrong. Read: Where is the True Church?

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Footnotes by ESN:

1 "I tell you this brethren, I wouldn't even be surprised if within the next two years you don't see a massive earthquake in this world, perhaps even in Pasadena, California. You read the book of Amos … I don't know in detail exactly what God is going to do. But I know that two years after Amos started prophesying there was a massive earthquake. So it is something to think about." (December 21, 1991 sermon by Gerald Flurry)

"The booklet on Amos will have been published two years at the end of this year. You could say a lot of people even got it around January 16th. Is it possible that God could strike with an earthquake the latter part of this year; maybe the first part of next year or maybe even on January the 16th, 1994? Is it possible something like that could happen? Well yes, I would say it's possible, especially in the state of California." (October 30, 1993 sermon by Gerald Flurry)

"Notice, God also says He will punish Israel with the earthquake. Will an earthquake be the next California disaster? When it strikes, will the people of Israel repent? Probably not. Still, we control our own destiny. The curses will continue until we repent. That is God's plan and nothing can change it." (December 1993 Trumpet, Gerald Flurry)

"I made some astounding statements about the California earthquake--BEFORE IT STRUCK!" (Editorial by Gerald Flurry, The Philadelphia Trumpet, February 1994.

Note by ESN: When a massive quake hit Northridge, California on January 17, 1994 (not January 16), Flurry reasoned he was only off one day. But doesn't Scripture say it takes only one failed prophecy to qualify someone a false prophet? A few years later (1998 est.) Flurry predicted a big quake to hit during the World Cup Soccer Tournament in Pasadena, CA. That one never happened. Also see: Haven't HWA's prophecies just not come to pass yet? (Q&A) and what HWA said in The Proof of the Bible concerning those who foretell events (words which Flurry has since removed from the booklet).

2 Flurry declared the Los Angeles riots of 1992 were predicted in Ezekiel 5, even though the "city" referred to in Ezekiel 5 is "Jerusalem" (see Ezekiel 5:5).

Note by ESN: Gerald Flurry has been guilty of several false prophecies. In the March 1991 issue of the Philadelphia Trumpet, he implied the drought then ravaging California was due to the legal action the state of California took against the Worldwide Church of God in 1979; he also said in sermon tapes this drought would continue till the state repented. The drought ended--but the state never repented. GF has frequently changed when the "last hour" is to begin. Read 2000 letter to ESN where he said May 5, 2001 was the start of the "last hour" and 2009 letter to ESN which tells about his "last hour" dates and how 2001 was when he first brought out about the "last hour."

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