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Following is what is new or updated on the Exit & Support Network™ website within approximately the last year. If you revisit our pages, please refresh the page as these pages are often updated.

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Articles and Writings on the Holy Days (includes: "Why Church Leaders Demand Holy Days For Their Members"; "But I Had Such a Wonderful Time at the Feast of Tabernacles!" "Why I'm Glad I Don't Have to "Keep the Feast" plus many more.)

September 2015

Crazy Things WCG Members Have Said- #16 New  9-26-15 (Humor section)

Crazy Things WCG Members Have Said New 9-24-15 (Humor section)

It's Hard to Get Close to God After Being in an Abusive Group Updated 9-13-15
Many parts in this have been re-written.

How can I find a good church or fellowship to attend? New 9-11-15 (Q&A)

Seebran Continues to Target and Dupe Certain Individuals in PCG New  9-4-15
Recent letter added to "Concerns From Trinidad."

Is the Holy Spirit Only the Power of God? Updated 9-3-15
Revelation 22:17 has been added by ESN to this article.

August 2015

Why it's Hard to Leave Philadelphia Church of God Updated and title change 8-29-15
An updated note by ESN has been added at the end with new links. This article was previously entitled, "Understanding How Controlled People in Philadelphia Church of God Are."

Information on Philadelphia Church of God (Gerald Flurry) Updated 8-23-15
Links to two ESN letters: The Absence of Jesus Christ in PCG and Flurry's Denial of Christ is Very Subtle have been added under the section: Teachings and Beliefs of Philadelphia Church of God/Jesus Christ is not the central figure of the Gospel.

Mike's Testimony Updated 8-20-15
A Footnote #7 has been added under the last paragraph where it says: "True fellowship with Christ."

What About Sunday Worship?  New  8-11-15

Real Science Radio New offsite link on our site in several places. 8-4-15
Debunks evolution and shows the evidence for the creator God and the accuracy of the Bible including from biology, geology, astronomy, and physics; science DVDs available.

A Critique of Which Day is the Christian Sabbath? Updated 8-4-15
More has been added for Chapter 1. Clicking on the link above will bring you to the paragraph.

July 2015

Rod Meredith's "Seven Laws of Radiant Health" Reposted 7-23-15 (Humor section)
Spoof of Roderick Meredith's article.

June 2015

A Directory of Authors (Three NOT Recommended Lists) New  offsite link added at end of two articles on site. 6-18-15
New Age, occult, eastern-style meditative practices and all manner of aberrant and heretical teachings have become commonplace among Christian bookstores. Lists many Christian authors whose books are rife with with New Age occult teachings and practices.

May 2015

Amazing Words That Have Been Said to Exiters -or- What Never to Say to Someone Who Has Been Deceived by an Exploitive, Abusive Group Updated 5-27-15
The last three comments are new.

Why is it hard for me to attend a mainstream church? Updated 5-11-15 (Q&A)

March 2015

Amazing Statement Made by Philadelphia Church of God Minister - #27 New  3-24-15

Is it Wrong for Christians to Judge? Updated 3-23-15 (formerly: "Loving What's Right Means Hating What's Wrong")

I Could Not Obey the No-Contact Ruling New 3-11-15 Testimony about PCG

Why is it hard for me to attend a mainstream church? Updated 3-4-15 (Q&A)

GCI - New Age and Ecumenical Connections Updated 3-3-15
The first two paragraphs now include more New Age and church growth movement terms. (UPDATE: Footnote #8 is new 3-9-15)

What about not forsaking the assembling together? Updated 3-2-15 (Q&A)

January 2015

My Mom Finally Saw the Truth About Philadelphia Church of God New 1-26-15 Testimony about PCG (New 2-3-15 Link added at end to another testimony)

Mystery of the Ages (a 2nd critical review) by William Hohmann Reposted 1-4-15

December 2014

I Knew I was Going to Escape as Soon as Possible New 12-29-14 WCG child survivor testimony

November 2014

How Did WCG Instruct Ministers to Deal With "Health and Medical Problems"? Updated 11-26-14
The note at the top is new.

Worldwide Church of God History (page 2) Updated 11-26-14
The second note at the end is new.

Amazing Statement Made by Philadelphia Church of God Minister - #26 New  11-11-14

Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Updated 11-11-14

October 2014

Giving the Reigns of Our Life Over to Someone Else New 10-28-14 Ex-WCG/PCG

Buzzwords (or Loading the Language)  Updated 10-24-14

If You Have a Loved One in a Deceptive, Exploitive Group Updated 10-17-14

How can I untangle my mind from HWA's dogma? Updated 10-14-14

To All Who Are Considering Joining Philadelphia Church of God Updated 10-11-14
"A Former PCG Member Relates His Experience in PCG" has been added to the above article. Clicking on the link above will bring you to the testimony. The last part entitled: "What if I am becoming hooked on Philadelphia Church of God literature?" has been updated with a new paragraph at end.

Redemptive Names of God and What They Mean New 10-9-14

Love of Sports and How My Dad Stood For What Was Right New 10-2-14 WCG child survivor testimony

September 2014

Was Herbert Armstrong God's True Servant? Updated 9-21-14

Info on COGWA Updated 9-17-14
COGWA is a split of UCG-AIA. Update includes info on "Foundation Outreach International" (FOI) and link to recent letter on COGWA and FOI.

How Did Herbert W. Armstrong Recruit People? Updated 9-8-14
The step by step process; applies equally to those drawn into PCG, RCG, etc.

What is a cult as defined on your site? Updated 9-2-14 (Q&A)

Plain Truth Ministries—They Try Hard! Updated 9-2-14
Updated at end where it says: "Note and Updates."