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The following messages are provided to aid survivors from the Worldwide Church of God, Philadelphia Church of God, and related authoritarian offshoot group, in their research, critical thinking, recovery and healing from mind-manipulation and spiritual abuse. While speakers are respected in their field, opinions may differ regarding specific information. ESN does not assume responsibility for content or the speaker, nor do we endorse every article or opinion the speaker or radio host may hold.

NOTE: Not all of these messages have been placed on CD yet, but we can record them as such if you let us know you are interested in that format. Since CDs hold up to 80 minutes of audio data, some of these messages (i. e., the C-92 tapes) require more than one CD.




EX-1: From Victim to Survivor (Take Back the Power) by founder of ESN (Personal testimony of WCG's deceitful recruitment; given at a conference on abusive groups; includes how to heal from the emotional and spiritual abuse.) (Available on 1 CD or one 62-min tape)

EX-2: Recovery Info for Exiters by founder of ESN (Originally made for those exiting WCG, but very helpful for anyone who was in any of the high demand offshoots; covers why we were vulnerable, how propaganda works, indoctrination, effects, educating yourself, healing, and more.) (Available on 1 CD or one 62-min tape)

EX-3: Worldwide Church of God History & Changes by founder of the ESN (Exposes WCG history and agenda; includes information on survivors' healing.) (Available on 2 CDs or one 92-min tape)

EX-4: The Worldwide Church of God Cover-up by founder of the ESN. Very important information on WCG's history and agenda; thoroughly researched; mentions a number of connections. Interviewed on the Texe Marrs radio show October 1997. (Available on 2 CDs or two tapes) [Update: This is not an endorsement of everything taught by this ministry.]

EX-5: Old Covenant/New Covenant by Joseph W. Tkach to Worldwide Church of God members, January 1995 (Shows the manner in which the new changes were first delivered to the members: with confusion, double messages, shouting and blaming. Excerpts from sermon. (Available on 4 CDs or two 92-min tapes) 

RE-1: The World of Fairyland: The World Tomorrow by J. Vernon McGee  (Message from the late Dr. McGee from the 1960's. Includes Richard Armstrong's death and also Herbert W. Armstrong's outlandish, false beliefs.) (Available on 2 CDs or one 92-min. tape)

RE-2: Worldwide Church of God History by Kenneth Westby, 1974 (Exposes the double standards of the Armstrongs and the suffering of the members that finally led to the exit of many WCG evangelists, ministers and members.) Transcript. (Available on 2 CDs or one 92-min. tape)

RE-3: Armstrongism: The Plain Truth by Ron Carlson, 1978. (Exposé on the WCG, HWA and GTA.(Available on 1 CD or one 62-min tape)

RE-4: Herbert W. Armstrong and the Worldwide Church of God by Walter Martin, 1980. (Compares Armstrong's teachings with the Scriptures.)  (Available on 2 CDs or one 92-min tape)

RE-5: The Worldwide Church of God, Jim Valentine is interviewed on WVCY-TV, 1990. (Discusses Armstrong's false doctrines. Covers HWA's book, Mystery of the Ages.)  (Available on 1 CD or one 62-min tape)

RE-6: Michael Snyder and Ruth Tucker radio interview, Dec. 1990, WMUZ. (Snyder was David Hulme's assistant and strategist for the new doctrine propaganda. This tape offers proof that Hulme did not reveal all the truth in his resignation letter and was a principal architect with WCG's "transformation" behind members' backs. Mike Snyder later left the WCG, calling it a "cult.") (Available on 1 CD or one tape)

RE-7: Richard Plache (Plache talks about the appalling exploitation of members in Worldwide Church of God; Plache's resignation letter is also read.) (Available as 3 CDs or two tapes)   

RE-8: My Story by C. Wayne Cole, 5-19-78. (Covers events post 1978 and those which led up to early 1978.) Note: If you also want the tape or CD where HWA gives a B.S. in 1979 (introduced by Wayne Cole), marking Buck Taylor, and saying "Believing on Christ is not believing the gospel," be sure and let us know, as it will not otherwise be included. (Available on 2 CDs or one tape)

RE-9: Firing and Disfellowship by David L. Antion, 1979. (Tells exactly what happened during the January 5th & 6th firings from the WCG and Ambassador College.) (Available on 1 CD or one tape)

RE-10: True Freedom by Al Carrozzo, 1974. (Message on how true freedom comes through Jesus Christ.) (Available on 1 CD or one tape)

Mind Control:

MC-1: The Battle for Your Mind (Persuasion & Brainwashing Techniques Being Used On the Public Today) by Dick Sutphen. (Covers mind control techniques)  

MC-2: Thought Reform by Karen Hoyt. (Characteristics of thought reform (a.k.a. mind control) and how it works. Helpful in understanding mind control methods used by totalistic groups. Also covers the sequence of events in Lifton's criteria of mind control; Q&A at end.) (Available on 2 CDs or one tape)

MC-3: Mind Control in America by Steven Jacobson. (Exposes the strategy for manipulation of our minds.)  

MC-4: Totalism by Dr. Robert Jay Lifton. 

MC-5: Hidden Abuses in Cults by Barbara Martin and Joe Kelly (NOTE: Other tapes/CDs by the late Paul Martin in regard to cult recovery are available. If interested, please email us and ask for titles.)

MC-6: Blaming the Victim by Dr. Paul Martin, Madeleine Tobias, Bill and Lorna Goldberg. (Discusses why we should not blame the victim; includes self-blame that the survivor often has.)

MC-7: Occult and Cults by Gregory Reid, writer, private investigator; has worked with youth. (Covers many of these type of group's practices) (Two parts)

IMPORTANT: Cult Awareness Network (CAN) is no longer a recommended resource. It was bankrupted by Scientology [1996-1997] and is staffed by its operatives. Any CAN messages above were recorded before this took place. More information on CAN can be found in this offsite report.

Spiritual Abuse/Healing:

AH-1: How to Identify a Dangerous Religious Group (Many moving, personal stories of those who have been caught in a spiritually abusive group.) (Small booklet by same title included free)  

AH-2: An End to Guilt by Gregory Reid. (Covers the unconditional love of God for us and understanding God's grace.)

AH-3: Shame by Fred Downing (Undoing the shame we feel from growing up in a dysfunctional family.)  (Available on 1 CDs or one tape)

AH-4: The Mental Health of Jehovah's Witnesses by Dr. Jerry Bergman (This message is very interesting since the mental health of those who are in the high demand HWA groups is often similar to that of the JW's. Mentions fear, rules, isolation, callousness, etc. that is prevalent in the group.)

Earl Williams:

Earl Williams in the following sermons makes clear why we can't hold onto any part of the old covenant. Shows the difference between true and false spiritual authority. These messages (which traveled around the world) enabled many to leave the WCG and are helpful for those who have been involved with any authoritarian Herbert Armstrong group. Earl eventually disassociated himself from the WCG in March 1995.   

READ: The Earl Williams Factor (has link at bottom to: "Earl Williams and the Worldwide Church of God" which gives more info on the Earl Williams story and what happened; includes criticism Earl received)

EW-1: The Who of True Christianity, Earl Williams (#1 of 3) (Available on 2 CDs or one tape)

EW-2: The What of True Christianity, Earl Williams (#2 of 3) (Available on 2 CDs or one tape)

EW-3: The How of True Christianity, Earl Williams (#3 of 3) (Available on 2 CDs or one tape)

EW-4: Christ Church of Grace: How We Got Started, Earl Williams (covers what happened at the time of the WCG changes and the tremendous pressure Earl was under) (Available on 1 CD or one tape)

EW-5: God's Leadership, Fellowship of the Holy Spirit, Earl Williams, (#1 of 4) (Available on 2 CDs or one tape)

EW-6: God's Style of Leadership, Earl Williams (#2 of 4) (Available on 2 CDs or one tape)

EW-7: God's Leadership, True Spiritual Leadership, Earl Williams (#3 of 4) (Available on 2 CDs or one tape)

EW-8: God's Leadership, Spiritual Gifts, Earl Williams (#4 of 4) (Available on 2 CDs or one tape)

New Age/Ecumenicalism:

NE-1: All Roads Lead to Rome: Ecumenical Movement by Michael De Semlyen, author of the book by the same title)

NE-2: Billy Graham by Tom McKenney. (Reveals Graham's ecumenical compromises and liberal stance; given at a 1999 Ministry to Masons Conference; thoroughly documented)

NE-3: Exposé of CRI/Passatanos (Texe Marrs interviews ex-member from Jesus People USA.)

NE-4: Deception and Delusion in the Church by Bill Rudge. (Message on how occult and New Age teachings, signs and wonders and false prophets, are infiltrating the church; powerful message)

NE-5: New Age Ideas in Christianity, Cross Walk radio program. (Also covers Richard J. Foster, who promotes New Age philosophy to churches. Foster is professor of spiritual formation at Azusa.)

NE-6: Let's Focus in on Focus on the Family by Randy Shafer, 1997 and 1998. [Note: Shafer's current address is not the same as on this message.]

NE-7: Focusing in on Focus on the Family by Dr. Cathy Burns, founder of Sharing Ministries.

NE-8: Exposing Jay Gary & Bill Bright by Dr. Cathy Burns

Freemasonry & the Cult Connection:

F-1: Christianity vs. Freemasonry by the late Jim Shaw, former high level Mason, author of The Deadly Deception. (Includes Shaw's life prior to and in the Lodge.)

F-2: Masonic Knight Templar and the Knights of Malta by the late Jim Shaw. (Mentions Herbert W. Armstrong saying that there is "no such thing as a born-again Christian.")

F-3: Freemasonry and Catholicism by the late Jim Shaw.

F-4: Freemasonry and the Occult by the late Jim Shaw. (Traces the roots of Freemasonry; he quotes from many occultists.)

F-5: Freemasonry and the Illuminati by the late Jim Shaw.

F-6: The Eastern Star by Jim and Bonnie Shaw.

F-7: Hidden Secrets of the Eastern Star, Texe Marrs interviews Dr. Cathy Burns, founder of Sharing ministries.  

F-8: Ancient Religions by Conrad Jarrell (The sources of Satan's counterfeits of true Christianity down through the ages; interesting) (Available on 1 CD or one 62-min tape)



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