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Letters to Watchman Fellowship

Watchman Fellowship was fully informed in the 1990s with pertinent information concerning Worldwide Church of God doctrinal changes. In spite of seeing the doublespeak and confusion emanating from WCG headquarters, and having exiters write them, Watchman Fellowship eventually succumbed to the spin control and fully endorsed the WCG changes.

NOTICE: WCG is now known as Grace Communion International. See ESN update at end.

Letters to Watchman Fellowship from ESN Founder & Editor of OIU Newsletters:

[These letters are only a few that ESN has written to WF. All emphasis throughout is ours.]

Early 1994:

Phil Arnn
Watchman Fellowship

Hi Phil,

As usual it was good talking again and sharing notes.

I am pleased that you are strongly considering focusing on the "abuse" situation within WCG. This is one area WCG can't propagandize against very well providing people will start to feel more comfortable about reporting the atrocities. This Network encompasses many priorities daily. I make it a point to think about my objectives each time I act on a task, a call or venture. That objective has everything to do with the people inside this cult and those being lured into its web.

Daily I receive either letters or calls from questioners or Exiters. Distraught-upset and mentally confused people, sometime in tears. All are super paranoid about the WCG forces finding out they're thinking of leaving, or are fearful that the minister will come after them because they haven't been tithing. I'm sure you know what I mean. Many call you, too. I've been putting energy to the issue of abuse. I have tried to explain the importance of this issue to John Trechak as a focus in his AR [Ambassador Report1]. He is not very budging on these things. I did write a WCG Exit and Support update for this upcoming issue. Fortunately it will be in the AR [AR#54]. Unfortunately, he is burying it among the letters as if it were a letter. He tells me he doesn't want to look like he is promoting any service. Promote is strange word to me. This service costs my pocket up to $600 a month to run and I do work up to 10 hours daily. I also don't know of any other support service working in this capacity. If there is one, we should be communicating. Although the AR affects only a select number of exited members, many still do have their stories. Anyway, I see the Network's role as picking up after the dirt, not reporting on the dirt.

Understanding the astuteness of WCG's propaganda techniques is vital to the understanding of what has been going on these past seven years or so. Seeing the whole picture from different angles is imperative to being on top of these WCG maneuvers. All one really has to do is an in-depth study of the history of this organization by looking closely at all documents and scrutinizing the plays WCG has made throughout these years , all sixty of them. This organization was definitely among the most successful of all the cults to utilize propaganda techniques and mind controlling tactics to earn their power and money. Just refresh yourself with the book Rape of the Mind. The Armstrong and team used it all and knew who their audience was.

Russell has been a great listener to my strategy thoughts. As you probably know, he, as some others do, feels strongly that this operation [WCG] is going to fold within time. Yes, the management is a mess. But, they are hanging on. WCG has always hung on. I am still shocked out of my mind that it didn't fold in the seventies. The PR was far worse then. I'm equally shocked that the whole membership hasn't gone into rebellion about these changes. We can not forget how these people were severely programmed against thinking about the very same things they are supposed to be believing these days.

These people live in fear. They are trenched with the past. Nothing has been done to undo the past. Nothing at the Feast of Tabernacles, nothing on a local level and nothing in the writings. Many of the ministers are still acting like little Hitlers and are withholding information from the membership. I could go on and on. The issue is not doctrine. WCG has used doctrine to manipulate the people of the past. That is mainly because Herbert was the deliver of the doctrine. You know how it goes, change the behavior and the thinking follows. Add fear and threat of loss of salvation and obliteration in the lake of fire and you've got robots. Herbert was the Hitler to get the job done. Leader of the pure race. It was really a classic totalitarian regime. [Note: HWA studied Hitler's book Mein Kampf] Herb dies, and the strategies change. A big gear up for the nineties occurs. Sure some things were changing in the seventies and early eighties, the things they needed to change to be one step ahead of the sheriff. How many people did WCG kill before they let these people get medical treatment? How many families were destroyed by the little Hitlers before they changed the M&D doctrine? [Divorce & Remarriage Doctrine] How many people will continue to die of suicide and suffer sever mental traumas because of WCG's abuse? There was a lot of interoffice stuff going on with all these matters. I have a lot of "70s" literature from the top to the ministers showing the lies heaped on deception. For that matter there is a lot of interoffice stuff going on right now, twenty years later.

Cults change every ten years anyway, whether they mean to or not. It helps the brainwashees stick and not think, along with providing a diversion against boredom. Now we have the Tkach team playing a whole new game. They feel pretty safe about initiating a big change because they are a lot smarter than the cult watchers when it comes to strategy, business, propaganda, deception, "brainwashing," and the rest of the garbage. Plus, they realize the cult person's mentality. Endure to the end!

What better time to make a big move then right after Armstrong dies. WCG's reputation absolutely rots and they can't coast anymore on the old apocalyptic message. (When I complete the strategy update, many details will follow. [See: Outsider's Inside Update Newsletters] I've been delayed with this due to the exiting matters.) WCG wants a big following. What better way to do it then to offer the product EVERYONE feels comfortable with.

Everyone on the outside, of course. The issue is power and money. The product god. The armed guard that keeps the brainwashees in line is ......SATAN! The vehicle is the recruits. You get the right recruits by interviewing the right people for the job. Someone who loves the product and can sell it.

I know I must sound redundant at times, but it is essential that all of us separate the spiritual matters form the beast, the cult. Tkach's strategy is actually obvious. The new victim of WCG's propaganda is now the enemies of the past. What a left hook for all these cult watchers and what a great way to catch them off guard. Not only does the wicked Armstrong cult open channels with their past enemies, they actually foster good relationships with them. Under the condition, of course, that these cult watching groups don't call their bluff, like you did. Remember the lawsuit threat. Now Tkach team starts the wining and dining with the publishers and cult watcher writers. What can I say? Propaganda works. They set up for a major image change and employed the best of consultants to get the job done. They used complete diversion tactics. All the Christian cult watchers nibbling at the bate WCG throws out--hoping WCG is going to incorporate their own beliefs. Little by little WCG keeps the CW's jumping after the carrot. All around doctrine! Doctrine, doctrine and more doctrine. Meanwhile, inside, WCG is making great moves to expand their horizons with a new breed. Many of these evangelism strategies have been in place for several years. WCG put forth a massive PR campaign right off the bat. That is one of the reasons why the newspaper articles have died down so much. They have covered their tracks.

Now Russell feels they are just following the biggies like the Moonies, JW's etc. Russell may be right, God bless his soul. WCG's top guns may not be Armstrongs but they are shrewd and have proved it many times. I'm not as hopeful as Russell that the foundation will crumble. There is not enough of rumbling for a crumble. I hope I'm wrong! Here are a few facts:

  1. I'm not sure about the manpower that they're using but they are boasting their great growth in the countries that locked them out before. Now they are carrying the cross into these countries and preaching Trinity at the door. WWN Feb. and Mar. Worldwide News, Feb., March,1994]
  2. Ambassador College undergoing big changes. Membership doesn't even know what is happening. FIFTY TWO countries are represented at Ambassador these days. Healthy for recruiting new markets. Sounds like a recruiting training ground. King Hussein's chief physician's two sons are included in that count.
  4. WWN April 5th talks about green card warnings. Since when has WCG worried about green cards and government issues?
  6. Accreditation is opening doors for BIG BUCKS for government funding. What a racket? WWN 4/5
  8. I personally don't believe one word about money /membership role coming out of headquarters. WCG has lied about both figures countless times. Many, in the past have proven that. [NOTE: Read Myth 1 and 2 - the greatest of them all in OIU#6 to learn about the myth of WCG's membership numbers and the part about: We find some discrepancies with the growth picture starting around 1978 in OIU#2, Pt. 2]
  9. It is interesting that Big Sandy will no longer be used as a Feast sight area. The membership would be shocked to know what was really going on at the college level. They have no idea. Then again, they're programmed not to care.

Other facts:

  • Disfellowshipping continues
  • The P.T. is supposedly going quarterly Inside ministers are employing more controls. (I'll send you a transcript next week)
  • Information is being widely held from the membership.
  • Any new materials or doctrines that are supposedly being implemented are done so very mildly and unassuming.
  • Absolutely nothing has been done to counteract the old cult programming.
  • Information shut down has been occurring. It is even difficult for the spies to get the information.

For the sake of time I've got to cut this short. I'm enclosing a few letters for you to look at:

Alan Gomes...Barbara Martin and Paul Ramkin's note explaining his findings.

These were my questions to CRI [Christian Research Institute] that were never answered or responded to.

  1. What position is the church taking with the changes in Canada? (Major reports that Canada hasn't made changes in the ministries)
  2. What training program is being implemented for the Trinity program and other doctrinal changes such as born again, Kingdom etc.
  3. What is the disfellowshipping procedure these days?
  4. What has been done to deprogram the members from the damage that was done to them for "60 years"
  5. What is the position on the Sabbath? Will it change to Sunday?
  6. What is the true church status? When is the membership going to be told that the past beliefs are a done deal?

That was all he had time to type!

Paul Carcan [CRI, Canada] told me he didn't have any WWN's [Worldwide Newses], Pastor General letters or sermon tapes. Just a few books. Shame on Paul Carcan ...he didn't do his homework! People's lives are at stake!!!!!

Thanks for listening, Phil.

L. A. Stuhlman
Exit & Support Network™

Footnote by ESN:

1 The Ambassador Report helped many to leave the Worldwide Church of God through its exposé of the organization. In the beginning Trechak and the team he worked with appeared to have a very noble goal. But after awhile, the message in his AR became mixed, causing people to become bitter instead of being on the road to healing. Later reports were referring readers off to agnostic, aberrant, meta-physical, humanistic, and anti-Bible sources through comments, letters, addresses and book titles. John Trechak died September 2, 1999. 

Letter from ESN to Watchman Fellowship:

January 11, 1994

Mr. Craig Branch
Watchman Fellowship
Birmingham, AL 35219

Dear Craig,

I received the "Winds of Change" report and the last three issues of Watchman Expositor. Thank you! I appreciate all current and updated materials.

I commend you again on your exceptional work. I refer people to your services sometimes daily. I pray you continue to investigate WCG through very scrupulous eyes. As WCG continues to change their Doctrinal system to coincide with the accepted Christian belief, it is vital to keep strong concentration on the duplicity that prevails along with the emotional, psychological and SPIRITUAL ABUSE.  

I hold my position that the doctrinal change is a manipulative endeavor to improve WCG's reputation to gain acceptance in the Christian community. Possibly, I will reevaluate my position when the debilitating THREE TIER TITHING SYSTEM is publicly denounced along with Sabbath and Holy Day structure.  

Craig, I know these changes are "super" impressive to "many." But, that same "many" do not sit at Saturday services for two to three hours weekly, like stiff robots, only to be pounded by abusive "fluff talk," i. e., "You're lumps of clay," "You're rotten stinking smelling flesh," You're nothing but garbage," "in order to obtain salvation you must do ..........works, works, works!" Local ministers are still preaching that this is "GOD'S TRUE CHURCH!" The new doctrinal changes are not being applied or discussed. Sold, in other words. Information is being withheld. The membership is disassociating more than ever. The members we talk to are unaware of most changes. They are just confused and offer statements like, "It's not necessary to understand, we just need to follow God's Government, God's in charge anyway." The membership has NO idea of the Trinity changes because the word "Trinity" is never used. You should have all the "teaching aids" that were used to explain the changes with the tapes and World News reports I sent to you. The teaching is NOT done on a local level. Likewise, as you know, I attended the "FEAST" undercover, in October. Not one word about any of the changes was mentioned.

Joe Tkach and team know full well their membership will continue to abide by the old teachings. These people haven't been deprogrammed from the FEAR and lies of the past, plus the past is still being taught by many local ministers in more subtle ways. Look at the EXCERPTS* from Joe Tkach's "HOLY DAY SPEECH" given in October to membership. These are quotes (you have the tape). Does this sound like a loving God talking? The mind control is thicker than ever. The duplicity is stronger now with the changes. Does the seemingly soft touch, laced with subtle abuse in the enclosed, Dec. 21, '93 Worldwide, Pastor General Report match the "army-kick 'em in the butt," statements proposed just a few months ago in the main speech of the year by the main man himself, Joe Tkach?

* "Excerpts" attached to letter.

The east coast had a massive snowstorm this past weekend. The CT Governor requested "all" to stay off the roads. Don't drive warnings were issued constantly over radio and TV. Warnings to cancel any activities that were not emergency were likewise posted. Two CT, TV stations held continuous coverage on the storm. Despite all the warnings, New Haven Church held its services and expected the membership to attend the "HOLY CONVOCATION" despite driving on treacherous roads. Ken Peterson knows full well the people will obey. They "can't" exercise critical thinking skills to make decisions, in this matter.

Fear and guilt tactics are sermonized each week. The Christian professional. must work and look at the total picture of WCG. They must read the letters, listen to the tapes, visit random services and scrutinize the literature to capture the total. picture of the current WCG being positioned to the 100,000 member organization. [Listen to Mike Hollman's testimony, "Armstrongism: An Insider's View," available from Watchman Fellowship. Read OIU Newsletter #6 to learn about the myth of WCG's membership numbers.] The members are not updated on current events or anything about what is happening behind the scenes.

Craig, again, thanks for all of Fellowship's work on exposing the things I've mentioned above. I feel the "abusive accounts" in the letters in Vol. l0, #8, are very effective. I hope you continue to report the facts as they really are. The motor behind the machine, David Hulme needs strong confrontation regarding the damage HE and his organization is responsible for.

I am working with several ex-members regarding the support group. Bruce Renehan [author of Daughter of Babylon, The True History of the Worldwide Church of God] and John Trechak [Update: John Trechak, editor of the Ambassador Report, died September 2, 1999] are also aiding the endeavor. I'm hopeful to visit with Mr. [name withheld] within the next few months. I am devising a questionnaire for research data for a national "Worldwide" support network and bi-monthly newsletter.

I'm continuing my extensive study on abuse in Worldwide and in cults in general. My professional background has proven to be a help, but my active involvement in "Worldwide" has given me the greatest insight into "abusive" education.

Help! We do need your assistance regarding the mail you receive from ex-members. You mentioned you would allow me to view these letters in the support capacity. Well, we're ready. Please Craig, forward any letters from these groups who would benefit with support information and resources regarding help and cult awareness. They will receive a questionnaire regarding the "Support" group. "Watchman Contact" is a great idea. Can I help in this area? Can I speak with anyone who is working with the responses you receive? Can these people be referred to us for help?

I've enclosed my updated, lengthy final copy of my personal letter. Please discard the last copy of the "Open Letter" and "Ken Peterson" letter.

I'm looking forward to the help of a computer.

Please keep my offerings on file.

Please review the materials enclosed also. There has been a great PLEA for money for money lately, maybe you'll get a chuckle over my Financial Summary. The latest letter from Joseph Tkach is included, but read the "Transportation Arrangement" report from Ambassador Report first to get the full meaning of FASTING. Then, review my Financial Summary. This entire packet was mailed to all our WCG affiliates. We are waiting for the reviews.

An original (no return address) packet was mailed several weeks ago with reference materials and cult education. We, as you know, included some of Watchman's excellent WCG works.  

Feel free to print any of my letters, or excerpts, in your Watchman. Obviously, I've gone public. Also, Alan Gomes from Talbot School [Talbot School of Theology] may appreciate a copy of this letter. You decide.

I'm a representative for WCG, with Cult Awareness Network.* I frequently get calls referred to me from CAN and AFF. The WCG stories are heart wrenching. I'm also researching data for WCG related suicide cases for Dr. Langone of AFF. [Note: AFF later changed their name in 2004 to International Cultic Studies Association.] If you have any information on this matter I would appreciate it. Everything, of course, is confidential.  

May God Bless all your efforts with FELLOWSHIP!

Most Sincerely,

L. A. Stuhlman
Exit & Support Network™

cc: Cult Awareness Network*
American Family Foundation [name was later changed in 2004 to International Cultic Studies Association]
P.O. Box 2265

John Trechak
Bruce Renehan

*Update: Cult Awareness Network (CAN) is no longer a recommended resource. It was bankrupted by Scientology and is staffed by its operatives; any mention of CAN in this letter was before this took place. More information on CAN is contained in this offsite report.

Letter from ESN to Watchman Fellowship:

June 25, 1994

Phil Arnn
Watchman Fellowship

Dear Phil, Enclosed please find the "Waterhouse tape" we talked about on the phone a few days ago. This message is still being played in church areas and [Gerald] Waterhouse is still on the loose. It is very significant because it sums up the WCG fraud quite nicely it a very tight package. I have written the excerpts and will mail them as soon as I type them.

CRI [Christian Research Institute] is very busy doing "interesting work." CRI's recent [radio] message is located on the tape following "Waterhouse."

Phil, I've been pleading for months, with whoever would listen, to be concerned about this matter with the WCG's propaganda routine. I'm receiving information almost daily now that backs up every complaint. I know many ex-members are writing and calling you. Please direct WCG contacts to the Network for assistance and outreach.

People are increasingly upset about the WCG duplicity situation and the ESN is highly invested in keeping the communication lines open. Nothing has been done thus far to circumvent the propaganda perpetrated by WCG, other then the ESN's endeavors and your writings of the past. We collectively can't stop WCG, but we can at least counter the propaganda with accurate information. The authors and publishers who have been sucked into the new WCG wave need information to balance their thoughts. I truly hope you will focus on this again in the future, as the outcome of this can be more devastating then any WCG maneuver of the past. You can guarantee many other cults are watching what is going on, this is just the beginning.

It is being reported to me that many publishers are succumbing to the propaganda pressure and writing favorable comments in their books or journals such as, WCG is making encouraging changes, or, WCG is bringing itself out of cult status. This is an atrocity! Not one publisher can defend that statement fully or with any accuracy when considering all the components of a cult. To publish information indicating the WCG is headed out of cult status is very irresponsible. Individuals make these strong statements based on a "few doctrinal statements" that coincide with the writers beliefs. NO one is looking deeper then the hearsay!

Much has happened since I last spoke with you regarding CRI and others. The certain evangelical coalition has a goal. Ruth Tucker takes a mighty fine picture in the PLAIN TRUTH magazine. Have you seen the spread? Interestingly, WCG neglected to credit her with "Another Gospel." I wonder why!

I spoke with Ron Enroth* (among many others). He was, as he said, "a bit out of the loop." He was quite surprised about Ruth Tucker's play, not to mention the details on CRI. I have sent him much information and copies of all CRI's letters. He wasn't really informed about WCG. That is one of the reasons why he hasn't written much about it in his books. I told him about how Cornerstone, and Eric Pement were thrilled with WCG and, of course, they took that thrilled position without one stitch of documented evidence. Ron found this interesting, especially since Cornerstone has decided to deny Mind Control and utilized 20 pages in their magazine ripping Ron Enroth apart because his new book hits home with the Cornerstone people.

Meanwhile, CRI is still busy at work. Helping the cult victims? No! They ignore the WCG letters and refuse to listen to the many pleading for help. Their new style Co-Worker letters look like something right out of the pages of Herbert W. Armstrong. Well, if that cult writing style and type print worked for WCG, I guess Hank and Paul have a good shot at a $200,000,000 organization too. All under the name of Jesus Christ!!!!! Please read the information I compiled for your knowledge. It is essential that you be updated on all the events. … I'd appreciate it if you could get back to me immediately with the requested information and your feelings about the "Waterhouse-CRI" message.

Thank you,

L. A. Stuhlman
Exit & Support Network™

P.S. It is interesting to see how many people think "Global" is set up to catch the WCG fall-out. [Be sure and read: Speaking of Global: Re-inventing the wheel] It's been reported to me that a WCG minister, Earl Lewis, has joined the Seventh Day. A close contact asked him why. His response was, he "suddenly didn't accept the Holy Days anymore." Because of his glowing friendship with Mr. Tkach, several feel he was probably set up as a plant within the Seventh Day Church. Yes, that statement is strange, but not unrealistic.

*From Cult to Church: The Quest for Acceptance," by Dr. Ron Enroth, 1994 (tape).  

Letter from ESN to Watchman Fellowship

[Mentions WCG Minister Ron Howe's suicide]:

February 16, 1995

Phil Arnn
Watchman Fellowship, Inc.
P.O. Box 13340
Arlington, TX 76094-0340

Dear Phil,

I recently read your article in the latest Watchman Expositor on the WCG update. Although it was mentioned that the authoritarian abuses of members still exist, I found it hard to understand why some very important points were left out.

At the end of your article you said the leaders were "laboring to bring their fellowship into the rest that is found only in Christ." Many of Tkach's statements didn't sound very restful to me when I listened to his 1-7-95 video. And if you put the following comments, taken from that video, together with the "good changes" he expounded on, you get a double message:

"We don't believe in once saved, always saved."
"We keep God's law because we are saved."
"We don't receive the Holy Spirit by obeying Him. HOW DUMB CAN WE BE?!"
"Our desire is to obey the law."
"God expects more than a tithe."
[some people] "may decide to hold back their tithes."
"If the choice is between working on the Sabbath temporarily to provide food for your family, then it's not a sin. But once it's resolved, it doesn't give you the excuse to keep doing it."
"If some (in Sunday churches) don't keep the Sabbath, then THAT'S THEIR LOSS!...if they want to get out from having a more personal relationship with Christ...it identifies them for what and who they really are."
"These New Covenant commands are demanding; they absorb all our time."

The guilt trip he placed on the members, making them feel they were responsible for believing all these errors in the past, was truly astounding! I won't even go into the comments that were lies when Tkach referred to how HWA felt.

Yes, the video made it clearer than ever that the WCG leaders believe there are Christians in other churches, but I haven't heard them yet refute the comments from the WN [Worldwide News] 12-13-94, Personal, "Can we be zealous without being exclusive?" where the members were, in no uncertain terms, told to "stay where God has placed you," they are "not justified in leaving," and if they do leave, they are "seeking an easier road," and "bailing out on the God of grace and love." Also, "We have an obligation to the denomination into which God called us." (Which "denomination" is that, by the way?) Tell me what other healthy (non-authoritative) churches would make those kinds of remarks of bondage to their flock? Read again all of that WN personal for all the manipulative, guilt laced comments. I can't believe that you didn't see them.

Even along with all the smooth-sounding words concerning the wonderful message of the New Covenant and Christ now fulfilling the Law, in the latest WN 1-10-95 you still see comments like:

 "Should we give less than a tithe, when the blessings we have are so much more glorious than those of the Israelites?"
"Our attitude should be willingness to give more than the minimum."
"Some of our members don't get much benefit out of it (the Sabbath) ...they aren't really keeping the Sabbath very holy." [all emphasis mine]

Who would want to feel it was now OK to stop tithing or observing the Sabbath after such words? Many might pick up on those words more than the "words of grace".

When Tkach spoke in Big Sandy (12-24-94) he said members could play golf on the Sabbath. However, in the 1-10-95 WN, he said to play golf, or go to sports stadiums instead of assembling for worship is wrong.

Do you actually believe the leaders at the top of the WCG are really honest, compassionate Christians in all of this? How can they turn their heads and hearts to all the agony and misery the ex-members have and are going through? Those people that realize fully what they've been a part of all these years are psychologically traumatized. Some have even committed suicide! (Did you hear about the former WCG minister [Ron Howe] who recently jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge?) Others are so damaged they can't even speak out against the abuse that has been perpetuated upon them in the name of religion and God! My heart goes out to these poor, hurting, suffering people who have had their beliefs destroyed and their lives shattered.

Please consider what I have written.


D. M. Williams
Exit & Support Network™

cc: James Walker

Letter from ESN to Watchman Fellowship:

May 30, 1996

Craig Branch
Vice President Watchman Fellowship, Inc.
P.O. Box 530842
Birmingham, AL 35253  

Dear Craig,  

I thought you might be interested in my recent correspondence to Janis Hutchinson (author of Out of the Cults & Into the Church). She may have already contacted you, but in her last letter to me (May 17) she wanted my permission to copy my May 9 letter to her and send it on to you as she felt "it has some insightful points from your perspective as a former member." I decided to mail that letter and my recent one to her to you myself.  

Several of us former WCG members have been corresponding with her for some time. She recently attended the WCG Portland conference and met and talked with the WCG leaders. She has always said she wanted to have an open mind, but after the conference she became convinced everything was genuine.

Right before I mailed her my letter, I received word that she has had a very great change in her attitude toward the WCG. This may be because of her correspondence with David Covington, and especially recently of his coming out with 100 pages of documented abuse that is still going on in the WCG. Janis said she now realizes the WCG is worse than Mormonism ever was, and that it is very sinister.  

You probably have received David Covington's resignation letter to Tkach by now. (If not, let me know and I'll mail you a copy.) He wrote a 12 page letter telling why the WCG is still not a healthy spiritual organization to be involved with. He mailed out the letter to as many Christian ministries as he could think of. I pray this does a lot of good in exposing what is still going on in this organization.   I know that Phil Arnn has taken a leave of absence right now, but I hope you will let him know that his article in the latest Watchman Expositor (Vol. 13, No.2, 1996) was handled quite well. I appreciated the way he confronted the issue of deception, which is the way the WCG leaders have implemented their doctrinal changes these last five or six years.  

Thank you very much for taking the time to read all this.  


D. M. Williams
Exit & Support Network™

Encl: 2 letters to Janis Hutchinson

Update on WCG:

In November 2004 the Worldwide Church of God moved its headquarters from Pasadena to Glendora, California. In April 2009, they changed their name in the United States to Grace Communion International. (Some local church areas and countries may still carry the former name or a different one.) Today they have gone on to embrace New Age Teachers and philosophies. Read: Grace Communion International - New Age and Ecumenical Connections and Letter to Worldwide Church of God, Philippines (On Apostasy--A Radical Proposal) (this letter reached close to 350 WCG ministers, including those at Headquarters). UPDATE: In April 2018, GCI relocated its headquarters to Charlotte, North Carolina. Joseph Tkach, Jr. will retire at the end of 2018 and Greg Williams will replace him as GCI’s President. (GCI Update, March 14, 2018)

NOTE: Watchman Fellowship is an affiliate organization to EMNR. Evangelical Ministry to Cultists changed its name in 1984 to "Evangelical Ministries to New Religions" (EMNR). EMNR is a Lausanne-covenanted organization and has, in fact, been instrumental in mainstreaming the Mormon religion as a Christian denomination. For more information, read the following report: Evangelical Ministries to New Religions (offsite article). WCG has given their approval to the Lausanne Movement, calling it a work of God. (History of Mission Spokane - as of 2-13-00, "What is God Doing?" / "What on Earth is God Doing?" by Gary Roberto.)

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