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Volume SIX ... a newsletter of understanding ... January 1998


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UPward - Inward - OUTward and Ecumenical ALL THE WAY!!!

Grace the lobby of the Ambassador Auditorium (formerly known as God's House) in Pasadena and you'll find the words: Upward, Inward and Outward. The very first mission statement put out by the Tkachites stated, "The Worldwide Church of God is a Spirit-filled community of believers. As such, the focus of our mission is, at once:

-Upward: We exalt Jesus Christ in all our worship and in all our outreach activities.
-Inward: We minister to all those called into fellowship with us, encouraging believers to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior and to discover and develop their spiritual gifts for use in fulfilling the great commission.
-Outward: We evangelized the world around us, teaching all who will hear to obey the commands of Jesus Christ, to repent from sin, and to embrace the free gift of salvation by grace. We also joyously proclaim the return of Christ and the coming establishment of the fullness of the kingdom of God."

Now some might say, "Sounds good to me, what's the problem?" On the surface, nothing is wrong with this mission statement outside of a few minor contradictions. But let's look beneath the surface and see what Tkach, Albrecht, Feazell and the other front men have been up to these past few years. Those subjected to Tkach/Albrecht propaganda have no resources to investigate the allegations of their transformation, nor are they able to see all sides of the busy religious capitalists. Time will not permit a detailed report on the WCG associations and activities, but anyone who wishes more in-depth enlightenment to the total WCG picture need only request it by contacting the ESN. Various WCG Press Releases have espoused the WCG message and myths along with several radio and television interviews with Tkach and Albrecht. Of late, the message has gotten quite boring as the same old verbiage defending the myths and proving how transformed the cult leaders have become seems stale. One wonders why such supposed transformed Christians need to market themselves and peddle their wares to prove their innocence. Amazingly, we find what is not said to be most exposing. I hope this will offer a better understanding of the real intent and agenda.

From Whence We Came

  • We are not changing any church teachings, we are just making enhancements
  • We are not joining Protestantism
  • We are not going mainstream
  • We are not Pentecostals

These four statements are among hundreds of intentional untruths mouthed by the architects of the WCG transformation.

On the shirt tails of the latest Christian craze is where you'll find WCG and friends hanging out. While the Ecumenical Movement is to be taken most seriously because of its sinister and nefarious agenda for one world UNITED Religion, we find Tkach's strong entanglement with the ecumenical apostates to be most revealing and corroborating the multitude of lies and manipulations that have emanated the Pasadena Headquarters of the "modern" WCG throughout these past ten years.

OIU readers have learned in earlier OIUs of the many sordid details involved in manipulating the restructuring of the cult into a pseudo church financial shell. Pre 1993, very few WCG members had an inkling that times were changing with the "one true church." Even with the duplicitous PR maneuvers by David Hulme (then President of the main Armstrong splinter, The United Church of God), the majority of members hadn't a clue as to what was about to befall them by 1995. It was a cinch for the WCG architects to play a double game of lies. Who was going to challenge them?

Early WCG allies such as Ruth Tucker, Watchmen Fellowship, Alan Gomes, Mark Kellner and then Hank Hanegraaff, were most instrumental in sounding the proclamation to the evangelical arena that the WCG cult was "making changes." Article following article sold the WCG in a positive light. David Hulme started PR negotiations as early as 1987, but the real PR thrust manifested following January 1995. It was then that the Tkachites constructed their multi-level marketing PR kits and set out to peddle their wares to and with the ecumenical apostates. It was an enigma to many as to why any so-called Christian would take the cult leaders' words at face value. What was not known at the time was that the monstrous ecumenical machine guided the multi-million dollar cult into their fold. If the reader hasn't read OIU Volume FIVE, we recommend these lengthy reports of foundational education material that unveils religious deceit.

Since the 1950s, each decade represents its own religious manifestation. Norman Vincent Peale introduced the positive thinking [autosuggestion] in the 1950s and paved the way for Robert Schuller's drive-in theater extravaganza. Throughout the sixties and seventies America witnessed the mass marketing of the business of Jesus. Television offered the newest tool for advertising and that put Jesus on the airways and millions of dollars in preachers' pockets. The message came from all arenas: cults, televangelists and preachers galore. The TV media was so powerful, it built a Crystal Cathedral from Schuller's "Hour of Power" and a mini empire for Jimmy Swaggart to D. James Kennedy and back to Oral Roberts. Something for everyone could be found on the big TV screen. The boom of the Pentecostal movement during the 1980s gave rise to emotionalism, speaking in tongues, and "feeling Jesus" which in turn birthed the 1990s concept of being slain in the spirit.

[Note: Norman Vincent Peal Peal, a 33° Scottish Rite Freemason, founded Guideposts magazine in 1945. He died in 1993 at age 95. Robert H. Schuller was mentored by Norman Vincent Peal. He died in 2015 at age 88.]

The Religious Coalition with Pat Robertson stole the limelight, but the Charismatic activity became the "in" thing, making the Vineyard Church and Toronto Blessing not only vogue but controversial, too. The latest Charismatic phenomenon is none other than the rebirth of a nation, under the umbrella of the Promise Keepers. After the televangelists were exposed in 1987 for their financial rip-off agenda, we saw an end to the TV marketing era, as we once knew it. That included the World Tomorrow!!!

The success of Billy Graham's Evangelistic Crusades taught the ecumenical architects how to market emotionalism and charisma under the umbrella of unity. Just like emotionalism mixed with theatrics made old time preachers Aimee Semple McPherson and Billy Sunday famous, the 1990s introduced motivational icon Bill McCarthy to inspire masses of men to join hands and sing songs of oneness. Although the decades may have changed, the Worldwide Church of God architects and money handlers used the same method to transform its cult under the guise of mainstream Protestantism and Pentecostalism. It has made all the changes necessary to transport the WCG shell into and under the ecumenical movement of the day. 

[UPDATE: Read 2004 letter to ESN: WCG Sells Part of AC Campus to Radically Charismatic Church (associated with the Toronto Blessing).  

[UPDATE: Billy Graham died February 21, 2018 at age 99.]

I know we've written it before but it's worth repeating as no one says it better than the infamous traveling minister Gerald Waterhouse in a Tkach sanctioned WCG sermon in 1994 to all the churches:

[We quote verbatim starting with the following excerpt:]

"Matt 24:14--This Gospel shall be preached to all the nations and then shall the end come. The purpose of the gospel has always been from the beginning to reach the world at the end of Satan's world, when the nations are in such turmoil, such trouble. People have lost hope.... we have to get the message out to all the nations and then its going to be just at the time in the end. So we got to get to that position, we have the philosophy through which is to go to all nations. To become all things to all men.
Greek to the Greece, Roman to Roman, Jew to the Jew, to know how to reach the whole world, French, Roman, Jews, etc. We cannot reach effectively with the gospel unless we can reach them [other countries] as one of them. It's going to take real inspiration of Christ and the right people to relate to all people. So when we get the message geared to that nation, it's coming as one of them. It's a matter of learning how to apply it so it comes to the people as one of them, and that's no easy thing. We got to have enough time to get to where we ought to be. So guess how God is getting us to that place? He stripped away which would enable Satan to identify us, single us out and bring on persecution. He's got us in the mainstream of religion. Most people don't realize how Christ has worked down throughout the ages. They just think he always should work the way he works right now. No, he's working based on the conditions and circumstances.
Now what if you've been back in Jerusalem back when Jesus was born, and say you knew he was the savior...God had Joseph take Jesus and hide him in Egypt. God says take Jesus down and hide him from King Herod. God could have protected them, but he didn't do it. It's not the way God works now. He's dealing with this world; it is Satan's world. HE'S WEAVING HIS PEOPLE IN AND OUT OF SATAN'S TACTICS TO GET US WHERE WE OUGHT TO BE. You know when Jesus Christ was functioning on this earth; you know he hid himself quite often. One time they took him up to the brow of the hill, said he walked right through them, they didn't even see him couldn't recognize him. He just snuck right through them. You find another time he could no longer walk openly because he became to be well known, because he knew it wasn't his time. It became his time in 31 A.D.. He said I know my hour has come. Do you know why Judas had to kiss him? Because they couldn't identify him in the crowd.
Christ looks so much like the average Jew, that if Judas did not kiss him they would not have been able to identify him. So God used the method of hiding Jesus until it was time. Now this [WCG] is his body. So it's up to Christ to hide his body, until it is ready do the job for which it has been raised up. To get us where we ought to be. So God has trimmed off a lot of those things that make us look like a cult or sect.
Right now it's a very sensitive world, much more sensitive then when HWA died. He didn't face the Jimmy Swaggarts, Jim Bakkers and Oral Roberts. Their scandals have muddied the water. Then ABC, Diane Sawyer, had two one hour programs exposing other televangelists back just under a year ago. Remember that's where the work has to be financed from and has to be geared from. So that made every televangelist be suspect. So in order not to be singled out here as one of those that are suspect like Jim Jones, Koresh... trim off those things that make us look like them, Mr. Tkach lets us get out here and be exposed so if they question us, and say what have you been doing for your community, your city? We've been out here serving and helping. There's a reason for these things. So Satan cannot get the attention on us. Now when we get to that place when it's time to reach the world with the gospel, it may not last very long before we're ready.
Oh, is that going to bring on religious persecution, because they will realize we prepared the way they didn't. And they're not able to get a message of hope out when nations have no hope. And then we get a message of hope out and say God has paid the penalty for your sins, the condition you are in, through his son, and God loves you and he wants to turn you around.

[All excerpts in sequence. Full transcript available upon request. Bold emphasis for accent]


Where is Satan Working Today?

The Worldwide Conglomerate and its Allies, the Ecumenical Apostates

As previously mentioned, the Ecumenical Movement is an extremely serious infliction on all society. The ESN recommends all readers to engage in research pertaining to the ecumenical agenda and its occult associations. Refer to the references listed in OIU FIVE and continue to broaden your understanding of this grave deception under a religious guise that will advance the agenda of the powerful leading to massive control and slavery on human life. Ample critical educational material is available pertaining to every facet of this ecumenical progression. This movement is in the advanced stages of deception and, while not supported by all Christians, it has infiltrated every denomination and belief system. Some think of it as the Protestants and Catholics coming together in unity, but the participants include a far greater array of belief associations. From Christian to Jew, Wicca to Buddhism and Hindu to Adventism, all are moving toward unity in religion for the coming New Age of a global world. Many church members are greatly fooled from the sugar-coating of ecumenicism that has been subtly conditioned into spiritual thinking through the channels of the umbrella Ecumenical organizations such as the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) World Council of Churches (WCC), and Lutheran World Federation (LWF), just to name a few. [UPDATE: The NCC (National Council of Churches) and WCC (World Council of Churches) can now join the NAE. Also read: Letter to NAE and other concerned Christians.] Hundreds of leading ecumenical organizations have linked bodies to bring together one world religion. Thousands of world religious organizations are listed under these major ecumenical conglomerates. All are working diligently through major conferences, conventions and publishing to encircle the entire religious world into a oneness under a god. The Ecumenical Movement of the New Age has been termed the most dangerous war the world has experienced. Most dangerous because few realize they are in the midst of a powerful, totalitarian, socialist regime that is anything but God-fearing.

The WCG Architects of Deception Form a  Coalition of Allies with the Heavyweights with the Ecumenical Mind Benders

WCG propagandists: Tkach, Albrecht, Feazell et al, have spent large sums over the past two years scurrying about the United States and abroad on a major publicity campaign. With portfolio in hand the Public Relation brotherhood has been making numerous appearances and interviews with the mission of convincing the "ecumenical evangelicals" that this "historic transformation" of the WCG, was directed by God and will serve as an example and pioneer for other "cult denominations" to transform into interdenominational unification. Tkach credits the transformation as the start of building bridges with all Christians, while breaking down the walls of doctrinal division.

The Tkachian main message always centers around two points: 1. We were once legalistic, now we are free, and 2. The transformation comes from doctrinal changes following Herbert W. Armstrong's death. As all men do err, the propagandists have offered many duplicities and contradictions in their numerous interviews, which we shall make available at a later date. The current concern focuses on the insulting, arrogant, condescending distortions of the real facts behind the WCG secret cult empire and its relationship to the thousands of lives destroyed by the WCG controllers of this horrific organization. Lies replace truth until they are refuted! But who is refuting the lies and distortion? The Tkachian propagandists bask in glory as the New Age ecumenical evangelicals collaborate with the thought control-conditioning mission. The largest religious movement of this day is the New Evangelicalism. As the WCG shell shed its failed Armstrong marketing, it incorporated the next best religious hypocrisy to replace it--"New Age Evangelicalism." As the architects from each ecumenical evangelical camp combine talents, they promote the most destructive spiritual fraud and deception of this century. It's a perfect match. The propaganda snowball has manipulated many Christians unaware of the massive history and escapades behind the propaganda of the very men who claim their innocence and humbleness to Christ. The non-taxed wealth supporting the snowball of deception discourages many who know the truths behind the lies from speaking up or from being heard. Hope for justice and accountability seems doubtful by the day.

While the ecumenical "Praise the Lord" for the heroic humbleness of Tkach/Albrecht et al., the Tkachians center their publicity game plan on legalism and doctrine verbiage. As Tkach's book, Transformed By Truth, demonstrates the focus on these words trick one from discerning what the real Worldwide Church of God was really about for almost seven decades. They not only blind observers from the reasons behind the events, they serve as a cover-up to the real atrocity behind the Herbert W. Armstrong image.

Reconciliation, forgiveness, unity, bridge-building, equipping, sacrifice, grace, interfaith, world peace, etc., etc. are the words spitting from leaders' mouths these days. But the lip service that promotes "transformation" does nothing to recompense, reconcile or repent from the horrific fraud and abuses in the form of mind control, personal and family wholesale destruction, individual coercion, financial fraud, spiritual genocide and psychological damage from intentional manipulation and exploitation. Not least on the list is the residual holocaust being lived out in thousands of lives this very day due to actions of men without a conscience--the same men who preside over the Worldwide conglomerate of extension groups this very day!

Committed WCG members remain uninstructed to unfolding events with the newly formed Tkach partnerships. The general Christian community is likewise blinded to the big picture due to its lack of critical information. Those reporting on events, such as Associated Press, are negligent with research and investigation, as they print whatever comes their way via WCG press releases. Initial propaganda spearheaded by Ruth Tucker, Hank Hanegraaff and Christianity Today, provided the platform for the Tkachites to penetrate other ecumenical avenues for support. The repetitive propaganda articles from New Age evangelical ecumenical publishers such as Christianity Today, Associated Press and Charisma magazine, manipulated many into the web of deception. [UPDATE: Read how Christianity Today has turned to promoting contemplative spirituality and the New Age.]

The Ecumenical Allies Erection

Our research indicates that the most visible influential spokesperson for the "transformation" campaign has been, from its inception, Gregory R. Albrecht. Presently Executive Director of The Plain Truth Ministries (PTM), Albrecht spearheads public relations, media and marketing of WCG products. He is the man in the forefront of all current WCG maneuvers.

Since its inception, the ESN engaged in painstaking research and investigation surrounding the entire history and current events of the WCG. Through scrupulous content analysis, the ESN unveiled much evidence of collusion surrounding the entire breakdown of the WCG and the main splinter groups. Understandably, it might be hard for some to discern the big picture, as it requires research commitment, full archives and money to cover the vast expenses incurred to uproot a spurious agenda beneath the cover story of "transformation." Nonetheless, the other side of the story must be told if for no other reason than a testimony to the victims of the WCG holocaust. The current architects of the "new WCG and splinters" remain perpetrators of intentional abuse inflicted upon thousands in the name of a god!

Before we take a closer look at the WCG's new Pentecostal, New Age and ecumenical associations, let's get to know WCG's most prominent front man. The following was taken from WCG Envoys:

Gregory R. Albrecht:

1965, Graduated Imperial School, Pasadena
1966, Freshman, Pasadena Ambassador College
1967, Sophomore, Pasadena Ambassador College
1968, Junior, Bricket Wood, Hertfordshire, England
1969, Senior, Bricket Wood, Hertfordshire, England
[Also attending Bricket Wood in 1969 were: David Hulme, Clint Zimmerman, Larry Watkins, Paul Linehan, Victor Kubik, Neil Earle, and David Wainwright]
1972, Faculty-Bricket Wood, Instructor in Oral Communications
1973, Faculty-Bricket Wood, Assistant Lecturer in Speech
1974, Faculty-Bricket Wood, Assistant Lecturer in Speech
1977, Attends Azusa Pacific (ecumenical, Trinitarian, and Pentecostal) University, receives an M.A.

[NOTE: Greg Albrecht in Transformed by Truth tells how he started going to Azusa because Ambassador College was "pursuing accreditation" and he needed at least a master's degree. He was asked to get one and received it in 1977. He does not say who asked him to get this. See chap. 8, p. 118a in Myths in Transformed by Truth - Is the book truth or propaganda? which shows AC didn't pursue accreditation until 1988 (ten years later). See this part about how the AC faculty pursued their college degrees while members were discouraged from pursuing theirs. Also read: New York Times Los Angeles 1997 article posted on our site which also shows it was not just Albrecht who began "quietly attending" attending Azusa at this time, but Bernie Schnippert, Michael Feazell and "the church's inner circle." Keep reading below for more on Albrecht and his being at Azusa.]

1980, Administrative Officer: Dean of Students, Administrative office of Pasadena [Other main officers: Herbert W. Armstrong, Raymond F. McNair, Deputy Chancellor; Stanley R. Rader, Treasurer and General Counsel; Ellis LaRavia, Facilities Manager; William Stenger, Registrar; Richard F. Ames, Director of Admissions]

1981, Administrative Officer: Dean of Students, Administrative office of Pasadena. Faculty: Assistant Professor of Theology.

1983, Administrative Officer: Dean of Students, Administrative office of Pasadena. Assistant Professor of Theology.

1986, Administrative Officer: Dean of Students, Administrative office of Pasadena. Assistant Professor of Theology.

1987, Administrative Officer: Dean of Students, Administrative office of Pasadena. Assistant Professor of Theology. [Other main officers: Joseph W. Tkach, Chancellor; Raymond F. McNair, Deputy Chancellor; Leroy Neff, Treasurer; William Stenger, Registrar; Richard F. Ames, Director of Admissions]

1989, Administrative Officer: Dean of Students, Administrative office of Pasadena. Assistant Professor of Theology [Other main officers: Joseph W. Tkach, Chancellor; Donald L. Ward, President; William Stenger, Dean of Instruction; Richard F. Ames, Register, Director of Admissions]

1990, Administrative Officer: Dean of Students, Administrative office of Pasadena. Assistant Professor of Theology and Principals of Living, under Donald L. Ward.

Now let's take a look at what the May 2, 1988 Worldwide News printed announcing Albrecht's Evangelist promotion:

"Mr. Albrecht was born in Herlington, Kan., June 8, 1947. About 15 months after he was born, his father was killed in a work-related accident. He and his mother lived with relatives until he was about 7, when they moved to Longview, Tex.
"His mother began dating Lewis Greenwood (now a deacon in the Pasadena Imperial P.M. church), who listened to the World Tomorrow broadcast. They married, began attending services and were later baptized.
"His family moved to Pasadena in 1956, and Mr. Albrecht, his sister and brother attended Imperial Schools.
"After high school graduation in 1965, Mr. Albrecht attended Ambassador College. After two years he transferred to the Bricket Wood, England, campus, where he met his future wife, Karen Kruegger. They were married during graduation weekend, June 15, 1969.
"He was asked to be a ministerial trainee in England shortly before graduation, and later pastored several churches there.
" 'After being ordained, there were two things that I really wanted to do, though I never voiced them to anyone but my wife,' Mr. Albrecht said. 'One was to teach freshman Bible at Ambassador College, and the other was to be dean of students. In the years to come, I was able to do both.'
"Mr. Albrecht was ordained a local elder June 9, 1973 and returned to Pasadena to teach theology classes at Ambassador College in 1974. In 1978 Chancellor Herbert W. Armstrong asked him to serve as dean of students.
"He was ordained a preaching elder in May 1977, and a pastor Sept. 16, 1980."

It seems most odd that this article did not relay that Albrecht had attended the ecumenical, Trinitarian, Methodist and Pentecostal aligned Christian College: Azusa Pacific, for his M.A.[UPDATE: Azusa Pacific University, considered a theologically liberal institution, is also a member of Willow Creek Association. Read: Willow Creek Hegelian Dialectic & the New World Order for more info on WCA.] It is also puzzling that Albrecht makes light of his weighty role as faculty member which started immediately after his Bricket Wood graduation and followed by a top Administrator Officer appointment in Pasadena CA. Each Envoy depicts large colorful pictures of the most significant leaders through the 1970s and 1980s. We find Albrecht among the most privileged positions, year after year. His appointment to Dean of Students in 1978 placed him directly under the mentoring of Stanley R. Rader. We also highlight that Albrecht was in the heart of the 1970s corruption that led to international exposure encircling financial, sexual and doctrinal corruption. When Stanley R. Rader's assistant, Joseph W. Tkach, Sr., assumed the role of Pastor General, Albrecht maintained his critical influence with Tkach, Sr., Tkach, Jr. and Mike Feazell. Emphasizing these points hopefully inspires those without critical information pertaining to the propagandized "innocent transformation" to see the pattern of absolute intentional deception. Why was Albrecht not disclosing his intimate association with Azusa Pacific? How did he qualify for an M.A. without an accredited B.A. degree? How did Albrecht assume faculty and administrative roles as a babe out of college? What was Albrecht's motivation for obtaining an M.A. from Azusa Pacific? Why didn't any WCG ministers, such as David Hulme, Rod Meredith or Donald Ward (Department head of Theology) spot the grave conflict of interest? Most importantly, how could Greg Albrecht tell his audiences that he "never realized there were others speaking 'truth' "? So many vital questions without answers. What is certain, is while Gregory R. Albrecht resides a few feet from one of Stanley Rader's lavish (church purchased) homes at 360 Waverly Drive in Pasadena, he continues to intentionally deceive his audience every time he testifies his innocence and ignorance that he never knew the church was doing wrong, abusing members, or making errors. The report, Transformed By Truth or Transformed by Lies?? will bullet historical events that demonstrate Gregory R. Albrecht manages his life through a veil of deception!

Greg Albrecht, along with James Walker, President of an evangelical anti-cult watch group, Watchman Fellowship, were guests on James Robison's Life Today Ministry television show aired in Texas. Robison, a Pentecostal ecumenical evangelist, promoter, and fund-raiser with Promise Keepers, held two 30-minute shows in August of `97. We find Albrecht's comments most interesting and conflicting with the actual WCG chronology.

Robison: comments on The Plain Truth magazine:

Albrecht: Finally it's the Plain Truth, the Plain Truth; finally the Plain Truth.

Albrecht: We give God the glory, we know it wasn't done by us; it was done in spite of us. We give God the glory for this wonderful, miraculous transformation occurring in our church.

Robison: It IS a real miracle!

Robison: Let's talk about Herbert W. Armstrong. Was he a sincere religious leader?

Albrecht: I believe Herbert Armstrong was sincere. He started the Worldwide Church of God in 1934; he came out of the Church of God, Seventh Day and had a group of eclectic teachings from a number of different groups. He grew up in a Quaker home, he was influenced by Jehovah's Witnesses' teaching, he was influenced by a little bit of Mormon teaching, he was influenced by a lot of fundamentalist teaching but mainly some of the more bizarre forms of fundamentalist teaching, some of the more fringe elements of fundamentalist teaching. You put all those together sincerely--ah, believing that you could only be a Christian if you only worshipped on Saturday, believing in British-Israelism, believing in the old covenant as required for salvation, and a variety of things. And over time, that church, and his media ministry, which primarily it was a media ministry; we were always a small church. You mention 8 million Plain Truths. Well, really, our money went into the media, and some members came out of that!!!

Robison: The World Tomorrow television, very high class, well-produced television.

Albrecht: Yes, in fact we give Mr. Armstrong kudos for that. He insisted on quality, and it was a quality program.

Robison: In what ways do you see that "they" were wrong in their teaching?

Albrecht: Well, we didn't see this until Mr. Armstrong died in 1986.

Robison: Did he have that kind of power and control that it was hard to see through?

Albrecht: Oh definitely, definitely, he had the power and control and in fact as I told people, I didn't know it at the time, but I gave him that kind of control over my life. I willingly believed he was the only true apostle, the end time apostle, the man whom, through whom, God revealed things that no one else knew--and that we were the only true church. Since that time, of course, I found out there were quite a few others who thought they were the only true church as well. We were the only true church because of these teachings. Well, when Mr. Armstrong died and Joseph Tkach, Sr. became his successor--hand picked successor by Herbert Armstrong--after a couple of years, Joseph Tkach began to think, "Well, you know, some of these things are not right."

He began to see--at first it was minor things; one of the first things was healing. We believed that essentially apart from setting bones and having a baby, and what we called repair surgery, whatever that meant, you couldn't go to a doctor, and it was a lack of faith to go to the doctor. We found out later that other people believed and taught that and unfortunately still do. Well, we began to see that was wrong because Herbert Armstrong himself used doctors--two doctors paid house calls to him the last year of his life. Certainly that couldn't be, something was wrong with that teaching. So, we began to change that and we began to change a number of other things until we really began to get into the central elements of Christianity. Some of those you might say were "fringe," but we began to get into central issues like, who is God? Is Jesus divine? Was he always divine? And is he still divine? And is he the only way of salvation? And are we the only true church?

Robison: Did you add to Jesus? Did Armstrong's teaching seem to teach that it was Jesus plus another thing?

Albrecht: Oh yes, oh yes. I don't know if in his heart of hearts. I don't wish to judge the man. I don't know if in his heart of hearts he did, but in practical fact, we did as the Worldwide Church of God, added. It was Jesus plus, it was. We often said, law plus grace. It wasn't just grace, it was grace plus law.

Robison: So you say, Tkach came out and others came out? When did you begin to sort it out?

Albrecht: I would say by ya, the ya, late 80s, I began to see that there were some very, very wrong things about what I had believed all my life. I have been taught that my main job in life as a father, as a husband, as a teacher in our college for twenty years, dean of students, was to control people. That was my main job; control my wife, control my children, control church members, control students. And I found out I couldn't even control my own life let alone control anyone else's. (Albrecht laughs) And I found out that Jesus didn't talk about controlling in his ministry. He did talk about surrendering to him*, but he didn't talk about going around controlling people. I began to study our doctrine in teachings in British-Israelism, which basically say the white people, are God's, let's say, better people in terms of the promises given to Abraham, than the people of color. And I began to see that there was a lot wrong. Joseph Tkach, Sr. at the time began to see a lot of those things. A lot of ministers and members around the world were seeing these things. We got letters from church members. So the Holy Spirit was moving without discrimination, not just in some person of authority or ministerial rank, but within our church, and we see back on that now that that's exactly what was happening. He was moving within our church.

*ESN note: Jesus did not talk about "surrendering to Him" but believing on Him. The word "surrender" was a word used by HWA that correlated in our minds to surrendering to his organization.]

[All grammar is Gregory Albrecht's; bold emphasis added for clarity.]

Plausible Deniability

The above transcript of the televised taping offers another example of "spin control" with the contradiction addiction so prevalent with the WCG leaders. Considering the air-flight travel to Texas, hotel accommodations, meal expenses, car or limo rental, the above message might have cost over $2000. What did anyone learn? From what the ESN has observed, the content of the interview represents the extent and depth of most WCG publicity engagements with the Tkach/Albrecht et al. The audience is left thinking a miracle has taken place in the WCG. That's it! What makes this debasing is that Albrecht appears to treat the whole issue as a light-hearted big joke. Notice how he states he didn't see the wrongs until Herbert W. Armstrong died, and that he started sorting wrong teachings out in the late 1980s. Albrecht, a WCG evangelist minister, a THEOLOGY instructor, the Dean of Students for the entire WCG college and top administrator operating out of plush, wealth lavished offices, denies knowing that the "WCG" was teaching wrongs? Added to overt, flagrant denial is the fact that Albrecht attended AZUSA PACIFIC (Trinitarian, ecumenical) University and obtained a Masters in theology. Does deception get bolder?

[UPDATE: Russell Duke (still a member of WCG) was formerly in Azusa's theology department and was responsible for putting together training courses for WCG ministers. Read update on Russell Duke and Azusa.]

Albrecht alludes to early "changes" as "minor!" He goes on to describe the "healing doctrine" as the first change. Would all the families who have lost loved ones due to "lack of medical attention" call these deaths "minor?" Hundreds of lives lost due to coercion through fear of damnation in the LAKE OF FIRE is not minor! Allowing a believer to die through mind-control deception seems analogous to killing them.

Do you recall the scene depicted in many Hitler documentaries where thousands of emaciated tortured bodies were thrown into a deep dirt hole piled upon one another, stark naked, extremities entangled? Can you visualize the dirt being plowed over the deep earth wound covering the scorned bodies, individual identities and personal testimonies?

I hope you can understand how this same "historical" scene parallels what the Tkach / Albrecht / Feazell / Earle / Brown / Halford--and Hulme / Dick / Kubik / Meredith / McNair / Adair, et al., are currently doing to the thousands who have lost their lives under their dictatorial, totalitarian, mind-bending, fear inducted government. Did Hitler's victims willfully succumb to his evil control and power? Does Albrecht think they did?

The ESN receives hundreds of letters and testimonies describing the everlasting effects of the intentional abuse. A light hearted statement buried in the pages of The Plain Truth (which no ex-members receive as it bares a subscription price of $12.95), such as, "We're sorry for the wrongs of the past, had we understood, we would have changed things," just doesn't describe true repentance or remorse. [NOTE: Read this part in OIU 6, pt. 2 which confirms this.] The incredible archive documentation proves they knew exactly what they were doing, but they exploited and deceived the vulnerable anyway. The WCG/UCG/GCG leaders and ministers abused, pilfered and spoiled humanity. No matter what the Tkach/Albrecht et al., say or do that may appear as "good," it will never, never atone for the horrific transgression against WCG victims.

[NOTE: See this section on our site where these "apologies" by WCG are discussed.]

Below are three letters we received today, at this writing. They say it all.

"Someone gave me your email address and I was wondering what kind of support you offer ex-WCG members. I gave 29 of the best years of my life to them and now have no job, no income, no home and a failed marriage. Anyone out there to help me pick up the pieces???" --Email

"My mother and her family were members of the WCG and it destroyed my family. I was kidnapped and hidden from my father and brother for one year. I have been in therapy for years. The word Armstrong sends a chill up my spine. I want to know what happened! My mother still believes! She had had no contact in years with the church but continues to believe…(I think)! My experience with this group almost destroyed the rest of my life. I hope they are drained of every dime they stole from all those poor people. There will never be enough money to pay for what my family has been through." --Alabama

"I was in the WCOG for 28 years and under its influence for over 30 years. I am trying to put it all behind me and I need help. Any help will be appreciated." --Texas

The Tkach/Albrecht et al., enjoy traveling within elite New Age ecumenical circles, celebrating their undeserved wealth, while filling their bellies off the spiritual and psychological blood shed of the meek. But those violated by the immoral corruptive behavior due to their gross deception have a different perspective. As one survivor put it:

"Charity begins at home! Stop conniving with ecumenical Elites for your own self-serving gain, piling one deception upon another. Repent to the thousands of lives you have helped to destroy. Repent by giving back to them, what is rightfully theirs!! You deceived thousands to gain your wealth. You live a huge lie. You took all under deception. You operate without conscience as you glean glory and honor for your selfish deeds. History shows us how one made of flesh and blood can trample on the life of another while on the way to his feast!! History also shows us how these human "specimens" bow down to the god of this world! Your deeds are a mockery to the Gospel of Grace and Jesus Christ! God spare the weak in your paths" --Email

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