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Malachi's Message: How True is it?

Before being invited to attend services, people will be asked if they have read Malachi's Message to God's Church Today (which is considered "new revelation") and if they agree with it. How true is the information in this book? The following will show it contains fallacies, contradictions and plagiarizing.

Did Gerald Flurry Plagiarize His Information in Malachi's Message?

On September 26, 1990, Jules Dervaes wrote Gerald Flurry a letter by certified mail, saying that Flurry plagiarized his material when he [Flurry] wrote Malachi's Message. The letter (with proof of delivery) is no longer online but it can be read on this site. Just search for the words: "Here is a 1990 letter from Jules Dervaes to Gerald Flurry warning him of plagiarism." Below the letter and comments there will be "Letter To Laodicea v. Malachi's Message (side by side comparison)"
 Note: ESN also retains a copy of this 1990 letter when it was posted online. 

[NOTE: Jules Dervaes was disfellowshipped from WCG in 1986 for questioning the new WCG teachings. He died December 27, 2016]

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